6 Upcoming Smartphones we can’t wait

Smartphone launches have always been the top talk of digital towns. Don’t we all want to land our hands on the best upcoming phones in the market?

Undeniably we do, as the latest versions always make the prime news with ‘better than ever’ features and leading-edge technology.

Whether you’re one with deep pockets and fit OS allegiance or one with a circumscribed budget who sticks to quality-price ratio, the lineup of best upcoming phones won’t disappoint any of you.

Ergo here, we are listing down the top 6 phones on which we’ve got our eyes glued for all the right reasons. These models will hopefully worth all your pennies along with addressing the needs.

So let’s straight away get into the details of these cutting-edge upcoming smartphones.

6 Upcoming Smartphones we can’t wait

1. Oneplus Z

OnePlus Z

The red cable club owners who managed to capture a generous portion of the premium smartphone segment are all set to win the mid-range price market.

With the company’s CEO teasing about the addition of “new affordable members” to its family, this hints at the arrival of OnePlus Z, the brand’s economical smartphone.

This phone runs on Android v10(Q) OS, slaying a super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 ✕ 2340 pixels. Supposedly the Oneplus Z will come with a display fingerprint scanner and a 12 MP primary camera & 48 MP+16 MP camera on the rear.

From heard whispers, Oneplus Z is powered by the snapdragon 765 G SoC offering smartphone the 5G support.

  • Both optical & electronic image stabilization.
  • Beneficial fast charging
  • Over the top storage
  • Absence of expandable memory
  • Not expected to be waterproof

2. Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12


The much-awaited product after Apple’s iPhone XR line is rumored to finally hit the market shortly. Unlike Apple’s recent launches, this iPhone 12 lineup is expected to go light on the buyer’s pockets.Apple iPhone 12 is anticipated to come with touch ID unlock and first-rate display.

If rumors are to be believed, this iPhone may exhibit 5G connectivity with a newly added exclusive connector. The purpose of which remains hazy but most plausibly hints towards Apple finally including a long-expected AR headset to its next design.

The distinct addition to the upcoming phone is predicted to be an exclusive 5nm processed chipset, which will notably elevate performance & energy efficiency front.

  • Ultra-fast processing
  • Highly effective user experience
  • Exciting add on features as Animoji & Bitmoji
  • Moderate battery life

3. Redmi K30 Pro

Redmi K30 Pro

Elevating the K series to the next level, Xiaomi is back with the subsequent variant of line. Redmi K30 Pro is the successor device of the Redmi K20 series adding some massive changes.

On the inside, it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor together with a key upgrade to 5G support. The smartphone runs Android 10 OS and carries a fast charging mechanism, packing a 4700mAh battery.

Finishing the sleek design with a circular camera module and pop up camera offering the user a stunning picture experience. The Redmi K30 Pro is supposed to hit the market by the last week of June this year.

  • Better dissipation of heat, allowing ultra gaming experience.
  • Top-notch video quality
  • Brilliant battery life
  • Absence of zoom camera.

4. Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

Stepping up the top flagship pixel phone lineup(or maybe not really), Google is all set to send their premium range player in the field.

There’s plenty of speculation regarding processor support of Google pixel 5, leaving Snapdragon 765G or 865G as top options. Expectations are shooting up to reconcile shortfalls of pixel 4 devices in upcoming pixel 5, which count poor displays and disappointing battery life.

Although size & display front stays blur, the strength of pixel phones seems to game up with revamped camera module and the triple camera sets introducing ultra-wide-angle camera ticking a significant check on fan’s wishlist. The release of this rumored radical upgrade is expected to be later this year.

  • Snappy fast responsive user experience
  • Unrivaled camera quality.
  • Questionable battery life

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2

The rumor has it that the successor of the unique foldable range of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is to drop towards the end of 2020.

According to the latest patent reveal, the Flip 2 shows a triple camera system at the back along with a smaller cover display. This smartphone will come with 6.7″ FHD & dynamic AMOLED main display along with some savvy features as scene optimizer and shot suggestion.

But it’s vital to note that there’s major apprehension about Samsung going ahead with leaked designs, which leaves us with scarce details about this upcoming phone’s crucial specs.

The launch is still far-fetched leaving room for more leaks to fill in but it’s convincingly agreed upon that Samsung will do many wrongs into rights with significant upgrades in this upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 2 model.

  • Larger outer display
  • Sleek design
  • Cramped external screen

6. Nokia 9.3 PureView

Nokia 9.3 PureView

As the talks suggest, the all-new Nokia 9.3 PureView is 95 % ready to dominate the smartphone market. It consists of an 865 flagship CPU & 108MP Penta camera system with expected first-ever of its kind under-display selfie shooter setup.

It’s believed that Nokia added a third generation pure display which might give it a top-notch display in any flagship phone to date.

It won’t be an oversell to say that users can witness one of the best upcoming phones with the arrival of Nokia 9.3 Pureview.

HMV Global is to include a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate and 5G support using Qualcomm X55 modem. We’d also expect it to record 8k video with exclusive ZEISS effects.

  • Water/Dust resistant designs
  • Decently priced for a flagship phone
  • Slow processor

The Takeaway

All in all, there’s a great lineup of flagship and mid-range smartphones dropping in near months of 2020. All the specs spilled officially or rumored around, gives some enticing details about much-awaited Smartphones.

If you’ve been eyeing on iOS or premium OnePlus handsets for long but exorbitant prices derailed you, then the upcoming iPhone 12 & OnePlus Z might be your call of the year.

Likewise, if you’re one who entails an astounding camera set up in your device, Google pixel 5 seems like your best bet. Redmi K30 Pro plans to leave gaming geeks wide-eyed whereas Samsung & Nokia are all settled to pioneer with an army of best upcoming phones.

Here now our job ends and your begins as the upcoming lineup got something for every taste, just pick and choose.

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