8 Best Air Conditioners in India (March 2021)

When it comes to fighting the battle with extreme weather conditions in a country like India, Air conditioners are hands-down the real OGs. Looking for best air conditioners in India ? Valuebuyer has got your back.

From your office room to your bedroom, it’s the new mandatory fit for almost every space. Consequently, the cardinal impacts of this device make it kind of a relevant part of our purchase bag.

However, selecting the right fit from the long list of best AC in India can be a bit of a task. Every brand has kept its best foot forward in terms of offering the latest tech & best mechanism in the world of Air Conditioners.

Hence, to ease out the process of selection we’ve laid down the list of 8 best ACs in India 2021.

Withal, don’t miss out on the rich utility buying guide, in the end, to escort your way to the right purchase.

Best Air Conditioners in India:

1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split 183PZY- RVoltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split

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  • Tonnage – 1.5 Ton
  • Refrigerant – R22/R32
  • Energy Rating – 3 star
  • ISEER Value – 3.54
  • Wattage(cooling) – 1446 Watts
  • Voltage – 230 volts
  • Noise level(indoor)(dB) – ≤46

The Voltas all-weather comfort split AC is a feature-rich, utility appliance. With an annual energy consumption of 1119.36 units and a high EER rotary compressor, it’s a decent energy-efficient model.

This voltas AC features an instant high ambient cooling mechanism along with an active dehumidifier which discerns indoor humidity and automatically keeps it under control. In addition, it has inner grooved copper tubes that deliver cooling. On perks, the AC comes with a filtration tech, self-diagnosis, glow light buttons, lock button, and perfect dual display.

Not just that, this Voltas 183PZY also comes with the advantage of noiseless functioning.

  • Facilitate Instant cooling
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Require low maintenance
  • A non-inverter compressor is unimposing.
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2. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC KS-Q18HNZD

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star

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  • Tonnage – 1.5 ton
  • Refrigerant – R32
  • ISEER value – 4.73
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Wattage(cooling) – 5100
  • Voltage- 230 volts

This 1.5 ton, 5 stars split AC with dual inverter compressor is a sleek, mileage product by LG. It’s a promising appliance with dual cool technology, making hot days bearable and that too with active energy control as this chains down the power consumption close to 40%-60%.

The product is made of 100% copper with ocean black protection, that lifts up its durability and makes a good fit for Indian regions. Moreover, this tech-savvy appliance supports ultra features like smart diagnosis system, magic display, EZ clean filter, auto-clean, and coolest of all 4-way air swing.

On top of these, the AC facilitates stabilizer free operation and monsoon comfort technology.

Finally, with the excellence of silent operations, LG KS-Q18HNZD is clearly one of the best AC in India 2021.

  • Exceedingly energy efficient
  • Remarkably eco- friendly
  • Not a perfect fit for budget buyers
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3. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC FTKG50TV

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star

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  • Tonnage – 1.5 ton
  • Refrigerant – R32
  • ISEER value – 4.7
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Voltage- 230 volts
  • Noise level(indoor) – 35dB 

Daikin FTKGTV comes with an energy rating of 5 stars and a neo-swing inverter compressor, which provides smooth and systematic operations.

The machine is endowed with an internal stabilizer that regulates the voltage fluctuations efficiently. In addition, this split AC supports self-diagnosis, sleep off timer, and coanda airflow which results in a balanced distribution of air across space.

To top it all, the Econo mode of the appliance cuts on excessive power consumption and power chill operations lets the cooling occur rapidly in extreme heat. Furthermore, it has an exceptional feature of the indoor unit quiet operation which curtail noise level.

  • Eco-friendly operations
  • Safety is prioritized
  • Odor-free technology is notable
  • Complex features of FTKG50TV can be confusing.
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4. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC CAI18EK5R39F0

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split

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  • Tonnage – 1.5 ton
  • Refrigerant – R32
  • ISEER value – 4.62
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Voltage- 230 volts
  • Noise level(indoor) – 44dB
  • High ambient working – 52℃

This powerful machine by carrier rightly counts in one of the best AC in India. It comes with high ambient working, which performs cooling even at the most dreadful outside temperatures.

The AC supports utility low voltage operation with the presence of the neo-inverter on top. Moreover, this product runs stabilizer free even at a temperature of 48℃ along with superb refrigerant leakage detection technology. The annual energy consumption for this 5 star split AC is as low as 871.07 units.

Continuing on the bright side, the product facilitates PM 2.5 filter, dehumidifier, and electrostatic dust filter coupled with fresh IDU temp display and auto-mode.

  • Energy-efficient working
  • Economical
  • Effective cooling mechanism
  • Complex swing functioning
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5. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC-SI/SO -15T3SCIA

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter - Best Air Conditioners in India

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  • Tonnage – 1.5 ton
  • Refrigerant – R32
  • ISEER value – 3.7
  • Energy rating – 3 star
  • Voltage – 230 volts
  • Noise level(indoor) – 43dB
  • Annual energy consumption – 1068.18 units

If you’re looking for an economic product with a decent number of features in place, then this bequest Japanese brand can be your right pick.

Sanyo Split AC comes with inverter compressor and Duo cool inverter technology, which cuts down on the bill hikes & provides faster cooling.

On the other hand, the machine conveniently runs on auto-restart and self-diagnosis mode when in need. Owning to 100% pure copper condenser and hydrophilic fins, it also meets promising safety standards.

Besides this, the 3 stars AC has anti-dust filters, PM 2.5, and eco function in place. Fitted for medium-sized rooms, this product even passes on the green parameters.

  • Powerful cooling mechanism
  • Economical
  • Hassle-free after-sales services
  • Poor noise cancellation
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6. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC 185 VDZV/185 VDZV

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

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  • Tonnage – 1.5 ton
  • Refrigerant – R32
  • ISEER value – 4.51
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Voltage – 230 volts
  • Noise level(indoor) – ≤43dB
  • Annual energy consumption – 885.04 units

Along with the best in the class brand legacy of Voltas, this product brings in a wide range of utility programs. Encompassing DC inverter technology, it smartly maintains an ideal temperature in the space.

This 5-star split AC supports stabilizer free operations, making it sufficient to operate smoothly in low voltage. Not only this but it also comes with exclusive low-frequency torque control and multi-tiered filtration technology.

The product has a copper condenser coil, active dehumidifier, self-diagnosis, sleep mode, and superb turbo mode. Also, on one hand, the high ambient cooling makes 52℃ pleasant, and on other it’s auto-louver spreads air homogeneously in the room, giving a class cooling experience to the users.

All in all, it won’t be wrong to count this product in the best AC in India 2021 line-up.

  • Eco-friendly operations
  • Powerful cooling
  • Absence of horizontal swing
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7. Croma 1 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC CRAC755

Croma 1 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC

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  • Tonnage – 1 ton
  • Refrigerant – R32
  • ISEER value – 4.65
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Voltage – 230 volts
  • Noise level(indoor) – 40.5dB
  • Cooling capacity – 3517 W

This budget compact AC is fit for the rooms sized 120 to 140 Sq Ft. The product supports wonderful 4-way air-swing and diverse filters for efficient performance.

The filter range includes the cold catalyst, vitamin C, and high-density filter, all of which lead to fresh & germ-free air circulation in the space. Furthermore, it has a nifty copper condenser along with the golden evaporator fins, consequently hikes durability & functionality.

In addition, the appliance facilities varied modes such as turbo, air swing, dry, and smart auto. Finally, the self-diagnosis and refrigerant leakage detector adds on to other perks.

  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fewer features
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8. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper RSOG518HDEA Gold)

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

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  • Tonnage – 1.5 ton
  • Refrigerant – R-410A
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Voltage – 230 volts
  • Noise level(indoor) – ≤43dB
  • Cooling capacity – 5275 W
  • Annual energy consumption – 897.84 units

The Hitachi 5 star expandable inverter AC is a distinct product from rest in the store. It comes with the promising progressed compressor control coupled with Penta sensor technology which takes care of hassle-free cooling during load disparity.

To top it all, there is stabilizer free operation that smoothly manages the fluctuations ranging from 160V to 255V. The appliance on the inside has inner grooved copper tubes owing to which the heat transfer rate is intensified.

Moreover, smartly enough the machine indicates the need for filter cleaning timely. Finally, packing it all with some special features like the antibacterial coating, dust filter, dehumidifier, and utility air purifier, Hitachi is evidently offering a great deal.

  • Instant cooling mechanism
  • Noise-free operation
  • Not the most eco-friendly product available
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Air conditioner – Buying Guide 2021

It’s fun to hear all the top-shot jargon & exclusive specifications about our to-be dear ACs but what’s not fun is not being able to make sense of it. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered with this detailed buying guide, which will enlighten you with all things  you need to know about Air Conditioners. The following are pointers that need to be considered in order to select the perfect cooling partner for your spaces.

The different types of ACs

Air conditioners in India have major 2 types: Window AC and Split AC, basically categorized on the grounds of where the compressor and blower are mounted.

  • Window AC: In this type, there’s a single unit mounted on to the window body of the room. Users who’re looking for a budget cooling appliance for a compact to medium-sized space, window AC might fit your needs. The installation for this type is comparatively hassle-free. In addition, Window AC cuts on power consumption and it’s easier to relocate them in times of need. On the contrary, as limitations, these ACs usually make loud noise & don’t really meet strong cooling requirements.
  • Split AC: There are two units mounted in split AC sets, one onto the wall indoors(blower) and another in the outdoors(compressor). Split ACs range higher comparatively & provide efficient cooling. They facilities premium-level services including smart features, ease of compatibility with almost all the spaces, and aesthetically complimenting the room setting. Users who’re looking for a prime appliance with decent budgets should consider split ACs as the one. But keep in mind that, these ones aren’t relocation friendly & the installation process can get hefty & costly.


How to choose the right size/tonnage?

In India, the unit to measure the size of AC is termed as tonnage. The tonnage of AC decides the capacity of the appliance to perform cooling in an efficient manner. Higher the tonnage, stronger the cooling capacity of AC. Moreover, BTU(British Thermal Unit) is the mathematical unit for the tonnage. Now to ascertain the right tonnage or size of your AC, there are certain factors that need to be taken into considerations –

  • Room size: The most prominent factor that affects the selection of the right tonnage is the size of the room in which the AC will be fitted. As the room size goes up so does the need for tonnage range, basically larger the room, higher the tonnage.
  • Location of room: It’s also vital to consider the exact position of the room. As for the rooms where the incident of heat/sunlight is direct, the cooling capacity of AC needs to be higher.
  • The number of occupants & appliances in space: If the room/space stays crowded, the amount of heat in the surrounding would automatically rise hence it gets needful to go for AC with higher cooling capacity. Likewise, if there are other electrical appliances in a room that tend to emit heat then it would also affect the choice of the right tonnage.
  • The city where you live: If you live in a place where the temperature can go extremely high like Jaipur or Agra then you might need an AC with higher cooling capacity in comparison to the needs of somebody who lives for instance in some city of Kerala which doesn’t experience extreme heat. Hence, considering the weather situation of your city is also necessary while selecting the right size of your appliance.

AC size

Now, after conducting a fair study on all of the above pointers, one will be ready to select the right amount of tonnage fit.

The matter of condenser coil- Aluminum or copper?

The coils in air conditioners facilitate the cooling by converting gas refrigerants into water refrigerants, and vice-versa.

The copper coil comes at the advantage of a better heat transfer ability along with greater strength & durability than an aluminum coil. It also requires less maintenance and fewer repair calls in comparison to the other one. In contrast, aluminum coils cost cheaper and are more malleable. But all in all, copper coils give better services & it’s beneficial to go for the same.

Look for the star ratings and Power consumption

To select the best AC in India, it’s super vital to consider the star ratings of the appliance along with some key ratios as they suggest some crucial operating impacts about it, such as power consumption. Following are the various parameters on lines of the star ratings:

  • Energy Efficient Ratio (EER): As per the technical terms, when the amount of heat removed in an hour is divided by the amount of power consumed, the coefficient received is EER. So as to say, It’s the ratio that makes a distinction between AC units. And it suggests the efficiency level in operations of an AC. Hence, consequently higher the EER, finer the performance of your  appliance.
  • Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER): The outside temperature also affects the processing of heat transformation, and mostly the extremes change with seasons. Hence, the Seasonal Energy Efficient ratio takes into account the variations of AC’s EER as per season shift.
  • Coefficient Of Processing (COP): The CoP is also the ratio of the amount of heat removed by AC and the power consumption but measuring both in watts. Here mathematically stating, 1W = 3.412 BTW/hr. Basically, as the value of CoP goes up, the efficiency of your AC gets better.

Star ratings:

As mentioned, one of the critical aspects to consider in that best AC in India is it’s star ratings. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Department of Energy-savings Government of India after due proceedings dictates these ratings for various electrical appliances. The star rating shows how energy efficient the appliance is and helps to judge the quality.

The star rating ranges from 1 to 5, higher the rating, better is the efficiency. So technically, a 5-star AC eats up less power than a 4-star AC and likewise. But mind you, this electricity-saving comes at a cost as higher the ratings, costlier the appliance. Hence, the right fit should be selected keeping your priorities in mind for the long run.

star ratings

Inverter vs Non Inverter AC

The differentiation between the inverter and non-inverter AC comes with great stakes and it’s an important factor to look for. An ideal smart AC should adjust with the variant ambient needs as the temperature and other factors changes. This capability comes with an inverter AC. As the significant points of differentiation are that inverter AC is competent in running at variable speed and variable tonnage which isn’t the case with non-inverter one as it runs at constant. The former provides consistent cooling as the compressor is apt with varying speeds with  a change in temperature of the room. Moreover, the inverter AC is highly power-efficient and comparatively durable as the compressor work efficiently without handling extra load.


Reciprocating Vs Rotary Compressors

Keeping the technicalities aside, if a normal buyer is asked to decide which type of compressor is suitable for their appliance, here are some pointers that can help them out.

  • Reciprocating compressor: It’s trouble-free to maintain this compressor as this type is competent enough to operate smoothly at high-pressures. But on the bleak, the operations take place noisily. Owing to these factors, it’s positive to say that this compressor kind is suitable for small & intimate
  • Rotary compressor: These are an appropriate fit for large spaces like offices or any place with a voluminous capacity. In this compressor, the air comes out at a lower temperature and operations aren’t noisy. However, AC with a rotary compressor tends to be more expensive.

Discern after-sales services & warranty terms

The best AC in India 2020 has to be the one that will guide you through pre to post-sale experience smoothly. The after-sale services are one of the most vital factors that add on to brand reliability and affect the decision making of the customers to a great extent. A promising after-sale experience provides confidence to buyers to choose a certain brand over the competitors.

Therefore, upstanding providers in the market give due weightage to this aspect and develop a credible after-sale customer service policy set. Thus, a rational buyer should always consider opting for a brand only after comparing their service policies to all others available.

The warranty plan is a key part of this after-sale service policy set. A product with a longer(maximum) warranty period is always better than a shorter one. This way the buyer ends up saving a lot of money & efforts in forthcoming. Hence, selecting the right brand with a proper set of services and policies in place is imperative.

Ascertain other vital features

Apart from the aforementioned pointers, the buyers also need to  look for some of these utility features in their ACs. The best AC in India comes as a power-pack deal with numerous facilities and here are some:-

  • Dehumidifier: This feature conveniently removes the glut of moisture from the room when needed. During extreme weather conditions when there’s extra humidity, stickiness, and bacteria in the surrounding, the dehumidifier produces all of that out and efficiently cool down space.
  • Sleep mode: The sleep mode in the smart ACs saves on power consumption by adjusting the cooling in accordance with the changing outside temperature. It provides the convenience of not managing the cooling manually but smartly by just putting our appliance on this mode and enjoy a comfortable sleep.
  • Anti-bacterial filter: This feature lets the AC do away with bacteria, dust particles, and other air organisms resulting in an inflow of fresh & clean air in the surroundings.
  • Room heater: This is one of the most utilitarian features of all. Room heater actually lets the AC take the chill off spaces when the outside temperature falls excessively down. The built-in heater keeps the room warm during winters and works as a heating device rather than a cooling one.


“A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went”, the saying stands truer than ever. Last but definitely not the least, deciding upon a suitable budget before the purchase is a critical decision to make. Doing this step carefully gets the buyer clarity of mind before entering into the mad race of marketing research of their appliance.

Budgeting also helps to narrow down the options among a plethora of available products in the space. Furthermore, ACs are sort of a luxury appliance that needs a considerable amount of investment and it’s hard to change them frequently. Hence, it’s vital that after considering all aspects such as brand, features, capacity, a budget is decided before setting out to buy the best AC in India 2021.

Best AC in India – FAQ

Is the stabilizer required for an Air conditioner?
Currently, almost all the top-brand facilitates an inbuilt stabilizer in their AC which is capable of handling a decent level of voltage fluctuations. But in case, the area that one lives in experiences extreme fluctuation rates, then going for a supportive external stabilizer is advisable.
Is it safe to buy AC online?
In today’s era, from head to toe, east to west, tiny to massive, almost all sorts of products are available online at buyers disposable. And making a purchase is safer than ever. Some of the reputed giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc have made this process the safest and most convenient experience for the buyers.
What is Goldfin/ Bluefin technology?
To safeguard the condenser of Air conditioners from deadly corrosion, companies have come up with these technologies. In this tech, the condenser tube is painted with anti-corrosive substances resulting in providing the AC with a long life.
Which AC brand is best?
There are a plethora of options available at a buyer’s disposal when counting the best brands in India. Several of the deemed ones which have their feet firmly set in Indian markets are Voltas, LG, Daikin, Carrier, Croma, Hitachi along with various others. A buyer needs to keep their wants & budget in concern before selecting one among these.
What is the ideal number of times that an AC should get serviced?
In a normal scenario, an Air conditioner should get serviced twice a year. But if the usage of the appliance is extensive, that is more than usual in such case the servicing should take place every 3-4 months.
How can we save energy while using AC?
Power saving is a tricky business when it comes to usage of this heavy energy eater appliance. But by overseeing some minute details, one can easily cut on excessive energy consumption:

  • Make sure the filter of your unit is being cleaned
  • Maintain a service schedule and follow it
  • Look for energy power saver mode while buying an
  • Choose a copper coiled compressor over aluminum one as it’s more energy efficient.
  • Keep the additional ceiling fan operational as it’ll complement the cooling procedure by reducing the load on the AC
  • Take due care of refrigerants.

Closing Words

More often than not, a buyer faces a number of queries in the process of selecting the right AC for their spaces. We tried to break down the complex technicalities making it smooth for buyers to understand and form clear choices ♥.

Now the call is from your end, follow the leads & book a compatible appliance in accordance with your needs. Altogether, here’s everything you need to know to buy the best AC in India, now indeed a perfect fit is just some clicks away.

Do let us know, if you have any query in the comments section below. Also, if you like our work, please share our work in your social media circles.

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